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I offer individually tailored coaching sessions, using respectful techniques which enable my clients to set their own agendas, pace and goals, and which can aid personal development.

I also offer 'Coaching in the Green': gentle and mindful coaching, enjoyed out of doors and taking the beautiful Herefordshire countryside as the context for exploring your own needs.


I specialise in:

  • One-to-one wellbeing and personal development coaching 

  • Coaching in preparation for change, such as retirement or redundancy

  • Coaching for adults with dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, ASC and other neurodiverse conditions or hidden disabilities /chronic illness

  • I coach from the perspective of the interdependency of humans and nature, and much of my coaching can take place outdoors.

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What you'll take away
  • Innovative solutions to your challenges

  • Highly focused approaches to your needs.

  • Creative and exciting ways to 'stretch' yourself.

  • New perspectives on everyday situations at work and at home

  • Strategies to overcome barriers to development

  • Solutions to those habits that no longer work well for you

What you'll take away
How I work

I am based on the Welsh Borders and I also offer coaching sessions remotely.

Following an initial conversation, we can plan a programme of coaching to meet your needs. I use a range of techniques, including:

Clean Language - which will enable you to address the issues or concerns that are most important to you and to be curious and creative about what you want to have happen.


Listening Space - time to explore challenges, pressures or concerns with simple and unintrusive guidance.

Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) - acting from your values and identity.

You will focus all your attention on your needs, to help you generate ongoing development and long-lasting change.

How I work
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