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Clients & testimonials

My clients:

I have worked with international businesses and charities, senior civil servants, medics, teachers, women in small business, and adults from all walks of life.

I also provide training and coaching for socially excluded individuals, those with mental ill health, or chronic illnesses, working as a subcontractor to government contractors. 

I have supervised coaches across the UK. 


I found Clare to be an excellent coach. She listened very well, attentively and encouragingly and gave feedback that was insightful, natural and original. That made it very easy for me to talk and express my problems and explore them. , Clare was always checking with me to see if it was going my way. I found Clare trustworthy and professional, she drew out important points and made some extremely insightful remarks. I hope to have more coaching from Clare and have already benefited from the sessions I have had. For example, she highlighted my problem with time awareness and got some promises from me to commit to in the future and was supportive in helping me keep to them. Altogether, very good, definitely a talented coach!


Life coaching client

Clare is an exceptional coach and trainer with a passionate and authentic manner. She has a professional method while remaining understanding and open in her coaching process and she also brings a wealth of knowledge and authority to her coaching work. I have improved my training techniques and have been personally edified as a direct result of her guidance and direction. Because of my experience with her informed and constructive approach, I would not hesitate to recommend Clare as an effective coach and trainer.


Coaching and training client

The coaching sessions that I had with Clare were fantastic. We developed some excellent strategies to use to achieve the goals that I set myself and I found our discussions inspiring and empowering. I have used the techniques and found them to be really useful – I will continue to practice them too. Clare's pleasant and friendly nature made the sessions enjoyable and fun. I would definitely recommend Clare to anyone looking to set themselves new goals in life.


Business coaching client

My favourite of the tools Clare gave me was a technique to increase my relaxation, which I have found really useful. I also liked the coaching Clare ran for me around my business idea, for how to get into action. I felt I was listened to so the discussion was really centred on things that were important to me.


Career coaching client

A knowledgeable trainer with loads of experience and a great presentation style.

Housing Association training client

Clare has many qualities which far exceed her fantastic coaching ability. Within the sessions Clare created a safe space where I felt I could express myself and ask questions which suited my needs perfectly! Unlike other experiences I've had, Clare brought the material to life with her engaging and fun approach making it digestible and easily remembered.


Training client

I needed to boost my confidence ahead of a big interview and Clare was just brilliant. After a couple of short online coaching sessions I really felt ready to handle whatever was thrown at me. The techniques Clare taught me are things I will be able to practice and use again.


Interview coaching client

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