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Tropical Leaves

Clare Cherry Coaching

Wellbeing and Personal Development 

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Wellbeing and development coach 

  • Flexible coaching programme

  • Based on your vision, values and development needs

  • Supporting growth through self awareness and agency

  • Coaching in the Green: engaging with your thoughts feelings and emotions through nature and the natural environment.

  • Maximising wellbeing and long-term personal and professional resilience

  • Mindful and gentle techniques to support personal growth

ILM L5 Business Coach and Mentor

Member of Association of Coaches

Member of Climate Coaching Alliance

10 years' experience coaching with adults with disabilities, chronic illness and neurodifferences

What my clients say

"If there is one thing that stands out about Clare and her practice, it is that she is passionate and genuinely motivated to help others to overcome challenges, grow and develop. She is one of a kind and I would certainly recommend her to anyone who has a learning disability or is seeking self development"
Dee, coaching client

"Clare created a safe space where I felt I could express myself and ask questions, which suited my needs perfectly. She brought the material to life with her engaging and fun approach, making it digestible and easily remembered."

Toni, coaching client

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